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-Basic review/write up about your single/music video/mixtape

-1 Twitter post (over 30,000 twitter followers)

Be sure to follow the proper steps to submit your track for a free feature. We accept music, music videos and mixtapes. Be sure to include all of the follow info:

-track title

-artist name


-social media links

-proper credits and any additional info to help with the write up

Your music must be dope and you have to have a massive following/viewership. Try to keep all material within 7 days old, we like to promote the best and freshest content (older material will still be reviewed). This is valid for Canadian artists only. We only accept links via SoundCloud, YouTube, BandCamp etc. and no attachments.

All content will be reviewed prior to posting. Due to the high volume of submissions only those who get featured will be notified. 

Send us an email with subject line “Submission” to

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