Bigg Ceaser – Featured Toronto Artist

Bigg Ceaser – Featured Toronto Artist

It’s interesting how a lot of artists think they can spend limited time in the studio, drop a track every now and again, and still wonder why they haven’t blown up or even been noticed yet. Artists with an ounce of common sense or ambition know that it takes hard work, and consistency to reach their goals, this guy here is one of those artists that know what it takes and is doing everything that is required and more. Originally from Toronto, then moved to the nation’s capital Ottawa, now rapper Bigg Ceaser relocated back home to Toronto. Not only is the music pissing on his competition, he is bombarding the streets with fire day after day to ensure that, when the smoke clears, everyone will know exactly who he is and exactly what kind of heat he is bringing to the table. After listening to Bigg Ceaser, you will realize he isn’t restricted to one specific sound, he has the ability to change his sound to fit different beats and hits you with a number of different styles ranging from old school vibes to trap sounding records. There are a number of factors that have lead to his music, growing up in an unstable situation, Bigg Ceaser had to find an escape before he was consumed by the instability, he found a home in Hip Hop culture, from graffiti to being heavily into break dancing and doing his thing on the turntables. All of this artistic expression eventually lead to him picking up a microphone and the rest is history


To start off 2015, Bigg Ceaser launched a major campaign in which he released a song every day for 30 days, take that in, a song every day, a lot of artists struggle for weeks to make a decent track. All of the songs were dope as well, not random low quality tracks, these were all quality bangers, some heavy hitting some hit you with a much more relaxed sound. This campaign was a huge success, gaining a lot of recognition and views. You can stream and download it for free on his webpage. After looking back and seeing the success of his last project, Bigg Ceaser and his team decided to drop more fire on the street for a month straight with a new campaign, 30 Songs in 30 Days Part 2.

This new musical assault was initiated on September 23 and will run all the way until October 23. So far he is on the 12th day, which means that he has already released 12 dope tracks, which can be viewed above. This new project is quite similar to that of the last one, in terms of style, variety of features, different sounds, all of which come together to create a well rounded and extremely versatile tape. Each track hits you a different way, some being slower more relaxing joints whereas you get hit with hardcore lyricism in others. One thing you will notice about Bigg Ceaser is that he has a very different swag about him, for lack of a better term. His style has a very old school underground vibe to it, which is far from being a bad thing, it’s just different from what you hear regularly whether you listen to mainstream or even well known mixtape circuit artists.


This new campaign isn’t solely because Bigg Ceaser wants to flood the streets with quality music, but it is to build a buzz for his upcoming studio album, “BoomBox Prophet“. Listening to what he has released so far there is absolutely no doubt that this upcoming project will be a classic. He also has a new single right now called “Fake Rappers” which is produced by himself, and is available for purchase here for only $1. Everything he has released so far is fire, which is exactly why you need to keep an eye out for more from his 30 Songs in 30 Days campaign and also his album.