Billionaire B Interview with

Billionaire B Interview with

If you know about Billionaire B, then you know he’s on the grind. He is a hip hop artist with a nice following and is a verified Twitter user with over 48,000 followers. He is currently preparing to release his new mixtape “Prestige STVT” within the next few weeks and is preparing for his upcoming album “The Prestige 3” in the next few months. Billi B gives his fans and the community a little interview to keep us all up to date until his project is released. Check it out below.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your Hood Hustlers movement.

Billionaire B is a recording artist from Detroit. Just trying to create a global sound without falling into the gimmick, cool kid rap scene. I’m BIG on being yourself as an artist and letting my art reflect my life; so no fabricated lyrics and no extra over the top shit. The movement I represent is Hood Hustlers Ent. I’m CEO and Founder. The name represents what I come from, Detroit is a city known for hustling and no matter where in Detroit you live its the HOOD. So I just wanted the name to represent the mentality that no matter where you come from or what you do you can be as successful as you want as long as you’re ready to put the hustle behind your vision.

So, where are you from and where do you represent? Tell us about your ties in Vancouver, LA and Detroit.

I was born in Detroit and moved to LA after I dropped my 1st project “The Prestige”. Canada has always been apart of my roots, my dad was born in Toronto. As far as Vancouver goes; my first visit was in 2012 to shoot a music video (Balance ft The Weekend) and it has felt like home since, so I’ve been building music relationships since and making it my home.

How did you get into hip hop and start making music?

I was involved with music since I was a kid. I played instruments in a band, stuff like that. As far as my career, it all started behind the scenes doing songwriting, production, and artist development until i decided to but my vision and understanding behind my own talents.

What would you consider your biggest single so far and why?

I like to leave that up to the supporters to decide but I think “Balance” might have been my biggest single only because it introduced my sound to listeners and opened up a lot of doors for me as a new artist.

Check out the music video for “Billionaire B – Balance featuring The Weeknd & Jonathas”

When will your album “Prestige 3” be dropping and what can we expect?

The album is looking to drop early summer. I wanted to put a lot of work into this project and really take my time with the visuals. However I’ll make sure to keep new music dropping until “The Prestige 3” drops.

Is there anything else you have in store for your fans?

I will be doing a lot of shows in the near future. I’ll be opening up for Problem in Vancouver on April 23rd. I will also be on the summer tour performing across Canada. Be sure to catch me at one of the shows!

Any final words and shout outs?

I just want to thank everybody who been supporting and believing in my vision and brand.

billionaire b having fun