Blow Flyy – Halifax Artist

Blow Flyy – Halifax Artist

Born Anthony Grant, better known as his stage name “Blow Flyy” is a Canadian hip hop artist from Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and likes to work towards perfection. Blow Flyy grew up writing poetry of inspiration, love and happiness; you can hear it in the reflection of his music. The sound he produces is modern and positive with a mainstream appeal to music listeners world-wide. He gives his fans everything he has into his music. You can check out his latest “To The Starz” and see for yourself!

Blow Flyy is a new age artist and has a few incredible highlights under his belt. He has released an album world-wide in 2012 called “It’s Like I Got a Set of Wings“through Blue Pie Records Distribution. The leading single for the album was “My Wings Will Take Me” and currently has over 50,000 views on YouTube to date. He has a very impressive amount of views for an independent hip hop artist from Canada. You can check out the video below.

Blow Flyy has been consistently grindin’ throughout his career and he is making waves into the US and world-wide. He has been featured on and many radio stations from KXRL (Los Angeles), KHSX (Houston), WMIC (Miami) and KEDG (Sydney, Australia). After the media and exposure he’s been receiving, he is now ready to drop a new album in 2015 called “Born to Dream” with the leading single To The Starz. It will also be released and available world-wide. Stayed tuned for more music, hes got 2015!



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