Canadian artists going to the US: The Good and Bad (Article)

Canadian artists going to the US: The Good and Bad (Article)

Here in Canada we have lots and lots of talent. There are lots of independent artists who are very skillful. However in Canada we just don’t have the numbers. Our country has a population of about 35 million. The US, on the other hand, has a population of about 330 million. Most of our artists end up going south of the border because of lack of opportunity. I usually don’t like it when artists don’t have any patriotism, but I realized that some could comes out of this. Artists who go south of the border end up working with more famed people. For example I’ll use two artists.

K’naan – K’naan struck gold after his hit “Wavin’ Flag“. This song attained international success and was even the theme song for the 2010 World Cup. After this he released an album called “Country, God or the Girl.” This album also was pretty popular but the artists featured in it are pretty good. K’naan did a song titled “Nothing To Lose” with American hip hop legend Nas. Nas is one of the best known rappers and has sold over 25 million records worldwide. In addition to this he has released 8 consecutive platinum and multi platinum albums. Also on this album K’naan did a song with U2 lead singer Bono. U2 is a world famous band that has sold more than 150 million records worldwide. They have also won 22 Grammy awards. Bono is also a businessman and philanthropist.

Drake – Ever since Drake was found by Lil’ Wayne and moved to the US he has attained international fame. After being signed to Wayne’s “Young Money Entertainment,” he has sold over 5 million records world wide since 2009. Drake also has 12 number one singles to his name putting him very far ahead of other rappers. Lately Drake has returned to Canada and founded his own Toronto based record label “October’s Very Own,” A.K.A “OVO.” Drake signs Canadian talent to this label. He has also become the Toronto Raptors’ ambassador.

Two great Canadian artists went to the US and look at what they have become. I’m proud of the Canadian talent that represents us.

Article written by ZakOpinion