GMurdah – Meditations of Ilevakam Part 2 (Featured Toronto Mixtape)

GMurdah – Meditations of Ilevakam Part 2 (Featured Toronto Mixtape)

Every artist falls into a niche, either they are solely trap, solely soulful vibes, that Toronto drug induced sound, straight bars or so on, very rarely do you have an artist that can hop from sound to sound, but when you do find one it is always a breath of fresh air when they release a solid body of work. This artist right here does that and has recently released a brand new Mixtape. Coming out of Toronto, rapper and dancehall artist GMurdah hit the streets on November 27th with his new mixtape, “Meditations of Ilevakam Part 2“. The tape was released on SoundCloud and Datpiff to stream and download. After releasing the prequel, “Meditations of Ilevakam” early last year, GMurdah has since worked on his craft and fine tuned his sound in order to come back with an even doper project the second time around.

Getting to the tracks, it is a very versatile project featuring a mixture of Trap, Rap, Hip Hop & Dancehall tracks. GMurdah reached out to a number of producers, each presenting extremely dope instrumentals for GMurdah to work with, but not allowing the opportunity to slip away, GMurdah used this tape to showcase his producing capabilities creating his own sound on “All Day”. Although he did his thing on each track and carried his own, he linked up with a number of dope artists to add that gloss that his tape needed. The featured artists include a number of rappers but also some extremely talented vocalists who give their respective tracks that radio potential. Each track has it’s own message, some touching on important socially conscience matters like  racial profiling, corporate politics, and the system, then others just proving that upbeat sound to get you moving.

Instead of merely hitting the studio and just putting in work there, GMurdah hit the road to create a dope music video for “Don’t Play With Me” which was directed by him with the help of Joe Cash and Stephen Savin. The video was released in July and has slowly started to catch on. Check out the dope mixtape below and be sure to keep an eye out for more dope music and video’s from GMurdah.