Myndsoulja AK – Featured Toronto Artist

Myndsoulja AK – Featured Toronto Artist

Myndsoulja AK is an up and coming Toronto hip hop artist representing the Toronto east, Durham region. He is a talented and unique artist creating his own wave and sound, you can say it’s a mix of Old School Hip-Hip with a New School flavor. His lyrical talent and a story telling capability, blended with his own unique production, sets him in a category of his own. He recently dropped a new music video called “Young Black & Arrogant” and is available on iTunes. This release will give you a taste of the kind of music he’s producing. Check it out below.

If you know about Myndsoulja AK then you’ll know he has love for his hometown, Toronto. He has put out countless of videos and projects throughout his career. One of his notable mixtape is “Tha North American Afrikan Vol.2” hosted by World Famous “DJ LAW”. If you enjoy listening to that militant, hustle and grind hard music then T.N.A.A Vol.2 is something for you. It is a 20 track mixtape that hits hard in the streets. The project is representing the underground Toronto Hip-Hop scene, it has mixture of original tracks and remixes and is definitely a banger. Take a listen to it below.

Myndsoulja AK represents Strictly Street Music, and the team has their mind set for the music industry. From what started a passion, led to the freestyles and then releasing music for the public. He has performed at many shows in various venues across Toronto, generating new fans after each event. He is known for his strong delivery and song writing abilities. He is definitely putting in work, you can bet there will be new material coming soon. Keep your eye out for future releases, and don’t forget to connect with him below.

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