Shay-D Kid – Twisted (Featured Mississauga Audio)

Shay-D Kid – Twisted (Featured Mississauga Audio)

In a lot of cases, artists try to replicate sounds, or take sounds from artists they’ve looked up to and add their own twist to it. Basically it’s not hard to establish who an artist looked up to by taking in their music. In the case of this up and coming artist you can tell that Eminem played a serious role in his musical upbringing. Coming out of Mississauga, rapper Shay-D Kid is hitting the streets with his debut single, “Twisted“. He released it onto SoundCloud almost two weeks ago and for his début single, it isn’t doing too bad. The Syndrome produced track features a very shady instrumental, no pun intended, giving the track a darker sound. The Mississauga rapper demonstrates his lyrical abilities on the track, in his verses and also his ability to draw you in, with his interestingly catchy hook. He is currently putting together a début album, which is set to be entitled, “Debut“. One thing you can’t take away from this upcoming artist is that he gives his all on the track, showing you that he is hungry and that he will not be brushed aside. Check out his début track below and be aware that this is only the beginning for Shay-D Kid.