Babu G Interview with

Babu G Interview with

The Hip-Hop industry is filled with a lot of artists who will put up a front, put on this act as if they are living the diamond life, talk solely about the money they are making, the foreign they are whipping or the models they have in their beds, very rarely will you get an artist that truly expresses their real situations no matter how good or bad it might be. This dude, Babu G, is one of those Hip-Hop anomalies that will give you that real raw rap straight from his heart, holding absolutely nothing back. We recently featured him on with his most recent project, “Next Station: Lansdowne LP – Part 1” which if you listen to it here, you will see exactly what Babu G is all about. We had a chance to get up with Babu G and ask him a few questions to help the community and his fans find out more about him and get a better understanding of what drives him to create his music. Without any further hesitation, is pleased to bring you this exclusive interview with one of Toronto’s rawest artists, Babu G.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well first and foremost I want to say thanks to CanadianDope for providing an outlet for hip-hop music. I grew up an avid listener of Hip-hop in the early 90’s. As early as grade 4 me and my younger friends where trading tapes when I was a young-en. Hip-hop music was always a part of me. Growing up in Lansdowne in the Early 90’s you can relate a lot to that New York sound. I would run home after school and watch Rap-city on much music….. the videos and what those MC’s were saying was so captivating. I wanted to start this so long ago but on my block you get dragged into so much bullshit….. and generally life catches up and has a way of pulling you down. But otherwise I’m a lover of music and beat making….you can say it was my escape from my problems. And I can spit bars and produce sick beats so it was just right I use my talent and share some good music with the hip-hop community.

What would you say is different about yourself compared to other rappers?

First the biggest advantage is that I can make some bad ass boom bap beats. Like I get busy on the boards for real. Some of the best beats on the album are the ones produced by me. Like I’m gifted at that. Second I got a gift for saying the craziest metaphors and wild lines. Writing and beat making are the easiest skills I got. I do work on my cadence and flow and switch it up on the mood of every track. that’s why this album is so unique that its complex and diverse. It def takes you on a journey. I can’t say I’m so different than other rappers…..but this is for sure I sound like Babu G and I got my own unorthodox style. I don’t got a ABC rhyme pattern flow. A lot of times my rhyme pattern is switching. I don’t follow rules when writing… I’m rhyming very sporadic which gives my sound a battle rap feel. But I’m used to it I can execute it …. if you tried to read my words you’ll have a hard time spitting it….its real easy for me…cause I’m used to that unorthodox flow.

Your a producer as well … Which came first producing or rhyming?

Rhyming came first then I took a break… spent 10 yrs beat making ….. on and off spitting and then started spitting and beat making on a steady pace.


How did the Edo.G and Smif-n-Wessun collab happen?

S/O to both them dudes. I’m bless to have those legends on the tape …… and I’m super excited about that because I grew up on those guys. S/O K-Boogie a producer out of NYC that got me the Smif-N-Wessun collab. He made that connect. Like that was a good look cause they spit a memorable 16……dam good 16….I can respect that because me being a nobody compared to their catalog they still gave the best ever verse without half steppin. The Edo.G collab….S/O to Fred E Fame for getting me to open at his Show in Toronto. I had a convo with Edo and that was that…we connected and put together “Open Yo Ears”. He went off on the joint as well….spit some bars….forever great-full. S/O to Steptone for laying the scratches on both those tracks….dam that’s my dude when it comes to the scratches.


If you can choose one element to keep would you stick to rhyming or beat making?

Ahhh man ….. love them both….. I’m in a different world when doing both. Like it would be Rhyming just because I get a high from the metaphor’s and bars I craft….I say some crazy shit sometimes I’m like dam… spit son. But on any given Sunday it could equally be the same high from beat making but if only one, its Rhyming.

Why make a 90s influenced album in 2015?

Its me, my childhood, what drives me. Hip-hop today lost the Lyricism…. the entertainment and stage performance and mixture of sounds in today’s Hip-hop is cool …. definitely evolved…ain’t gonna hate on the new sound because their moving those numbers. But that lyricism, that talk, that walk…. that 90’s poetry will forever be classic. Why fix it if it ain’t broken. That’s why you play Mobb Deep in the next 50 yrs it will tear the roof off….not too sure about the other stuff. Then again god knows in 50yrs what the kids like and don’t like…..they might be into some new hip-hop being received by antenna’s from another planet by aliens. All I know is till I take my last breath I’m gonna be spitting bars … I don’t know anything else.

What’s next, music wise?

Well this was just a warm up. So if anyone has a problem with my music…there’s more gonna be in your face. Got a lot to do Fam. Like of course my next tape. I got an EP with C4 and Edo.G any of those can turn into LP’s depending on how everyone’s schedule is. A bunch of Visuals. Like look out for these videos “Hustling my whole life video ft. C4”, “Wish for You ft. Benita Singh”, “In the Night”, “HipHop Affair”. Me and C4 gonna put out some dope shit out. Like that’s Fam right there….. Also my Beat page is on the way…. BABU G MUZIC BEATS….all exlcusive beats no leases…only by invitation. Trying something different.


Any final words or shout-outs?

First and foremost my POPs and Mom’s… family and friends and also….

To everyone who blessed this project:
Stokely, C4, KinSmuv, Benita Singh, Edo.G, Smif-N-Wessun, The Cratez, Supertrooper, BeatBusta, K-Boogie, Shanny Boi, Phantom Ride, iMpress, Diago (In The Moment Productions), AC and Randy Hosang my design guys (that’s family right there, their in my life and support everything I do).
God bless my parents for letting me be me. Never did they say take off your hat or pull up your pants. They loved me and let me be me….god bless my pops soul (I did this album for you pops, I’ll see you when I see you don’t wait for me…. I’ll see you on the other-side when my time comes)