Corey Writes – Featured Halifax Artist

Corey Writes – Featured Halifax Artist

If you’re looking for the real, you’ve come to the right place; this right here is that “real” that the game’s been missing. Coming straight out of the 902, Corey Writes is new to the music scene, but his music tells a different story, the confidence he brings through his music shows absolutely no beginner jitters or flaws, he raps as if he’s been spitting for a while. The story behind Corey is interesting and explains a lot when it comes to his style of rap and the hunger he brings to table. He was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but is currently residing away from the city in order to focus on his craft. Corey had a solid upbringing, however fell prey to the game; putting work in drugs, violence and other criminal activities. Like most people involved in the game, he fell victim to the law and ended up doing around a decade in jail.


While in lock up, Corey developed and fine tuned his rap skills and developed new found sense of focus towards music. Once he was finally released, he hit the streets but with a new objective, which was to prove to everyone that despite his past, he was worth something of value to society and to his family, and he was going to accomplish this through his music and showing people that regardless of what trials and tribulations are thrown in your direction, you can overcome them. All his life experiences are heard through his music, and he has waisted no time, releasing a fire 11-track mixtape, “Appreciate The Wait“, which was released to the public on June 26.

The mixtape features a variety of different sounds, ranging from heavy trap to chill party sounds and also slower songs for the ladies. Corey Writes hops on a few industry beats but also features many original beats, produced by several different producers. The whole project is on point, and will have you listening to it over and over again. It’s, simply put, a fire mixtape that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. The tape is available for free download and stream on DatPiff and available for stream on SoundCloud. Also, if you were interested in supporting the movement, you could purchase the mixtape. If you are interested in learning more about Corey Writes or contacting his camp for other information, shoot them an email at Check out his mixtape and be on the look out for much more from Corey Writes.