Corey Writes – Overload (Featured iTunes Single)

Corey Writes – Overload (Featured iTunes Single)

New song from Corey Writes from Halifax called “Overload” now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam etc. This is the first single off the highly anticipated album “The Reintroduction” which is produced by Island Bangers and recorded at Low Pressure Studios. The song was written for his own inspiration/reminder of not fitting into the masses and being left alone to suffer and re-evaluate his path. The theme of the song is having too much on your mind, yet you still keep pushing. As he states in the chorus “smoke til I’m comatosed from the demons in my past” and “my shirt keeps poking out from the knife that’s in my lat” a “lat” being the biggest muscle in a persons back. Meaning he was stabbed in his back by those closer to him. Being released from prison in May 2015, Corey Writes released two mixtapes, “Appreciate The Wait” and “The Lost Files” both downloadable on SoundCloud and DatPiff.

Overload is just a taste of what is next to come to the game. He was incarcerated for 9 years, so he is not influenced by today’s main stream music.

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