Skitso Frenic – Featured Toronto Artist

Skitso Frenic – Featured Toronto Artist

Skitso Frenic was born in Los Angeles, California; where they’re infested with street gangs and crooked cops. It wasn’t until his mid teens where he moved to Toronto, a new place where he calls home. Growing up in Canada wasn’t as stable as he would’ve hope, he’s been in trouble with the law and convicted. Skitso Frenic says one of the realest quotes I’ve ever heard “You find out what’s REAL when your in jail & need bail” and he had to learn it the hard way. It wasn’t until he was on house arrest where he went hard in his music, formulating word play and creating theatrical like videos. Skitso Frenic is all in with his music, he has a determination to succeed and there’s nothing that will stop him.

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If you’re into rugged, raw hip hop music, then there’s no doubt you’re going to like him. When you’re listening to music from artists, you can tell that some are real and others are not. After a listening to him, you will know that nothing is filtered and he’s just speaking the truth. He speaks his mind and there’s many people that can relate to his content. His powerful single “Death By Debt” is a perfect example. The track itself is 100% facts and it’s accompanied by a video that helps him communicate his message. If you enjoy it, be sure to purchase it on iTunes. Check it out below.

Skitso Frenic is making moves and is definitely on his grind. He’s consistently dropping new music and new videos, one after another. He has performed at many shows, sharing the stages with many artists such as JD Era, Rich Kidd and the legendary Tech N9ne. He stays true to himself and refuses to restrict his freedom of speech. His talent and motivation will definitely get him far in this music industry. Since 2016, he shows no signs of slowing down, he released a second video called “Up In Smoke” and it’s fire. Skitso Frenic is one artist you need to watch for this year.



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